Ceribell For Rapid Seizure Identification & 24/7 Monitoring

Non-convulsive status epilepticus is a medical emergency

Up to 1/3 of high-risk critical patients experience non-convulsive (subclinical) seizures, which can lead to permanent brain injury and even death55

Brain tumors

Traumatic brain injury

Recent neurological procedure

Ischemic stroke

Post cardiac arrest

Intracranial hemorrhage

CNS infection


Prolonged post-ictal state

Altered mental status

Unexplained coma

Without brain monitoring, how would you know?

Treatment without diagnosis and monitoring is imprecise and puts a significant financial burden on hospitals58

Ceribell for informed diagnostics

Ceribell is a point-of-care EEG brain monitor allowing bedside clinicians quickly identify seizure and initiate automatic 24/7 EEG monitoring

Ceribell performance has been validated in clinical studies so clinicians can use it with confidence
2x greater diagnostic confidence58
40% change in critical care clinical treatment plan58
5 minutes from suspicion to decision58
Clarity AI accuracy to detect or rule-out status epilepticus60