Making EEG more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients at risk for seizure.

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EEG Recordings Using 10 Electrodes Meet The Gold Standard
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EEG recordings using a reduced montage like the Ceribell Rapid Response EEG system meet the gold standard for seizure detection. This recently published study assessed diagnostic concordance and the impact of electrode reduction between conventional EEG configurations and a 10-electrode EEG system.

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Introducing Ceribell with Clarity at the American Epilepsy Society annual meeting in 2019. Ceribell with Clarity offers 24/7 bedside EEG monitoring and alert.

The Challenge of Non-convulsive Seizures

  • About 25% of the neurological patients and cardiac arrest patients in the ICU have non-convulsive seizures 1-21
  • Prolonged non-convulsive seizures lead to permanent brain injury 30-38
  • Electroencephalography (EEG) is required for the diagnosis of non-convulsive seizures 6,30,39-42
  • Published guidelines require EEG within 15-60 minutes if Status Epilepticus are suspected 50

From Suspicion to Decision in Minutes

Introducing Ceribell Rapid Response EEG, a system designed for set-up and triage of seizures within minutes by any healthcare provider.

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