Ceribell - the rapid EEG to meet
AHA's Class I recommendation for
post-cardiac arrest guidelines

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Jan 29th, 2021
3 pm EST / 12 pm PST

Neuromonitoring in Cardiac Arrest:
AHA 2020 Guidelines & Implementation

Stephan A. Mayer

Director of Neurocritical Care and
Emergency Neurology Services
Westchester Medical Center Health Network

The Challenge of Non-convulsive Seizures

Non-convulsive seizure is prevalent1-21
Time to treatment is critical30-38

Morbidity and Mortality increase
with prolonged NCSE

Response to first-line treatment
decreases over time

From Suspicion to Decision in Minutes

Introducing Ceribell Rapid Response EEG, a system designed for set-up and triage of seizures within minutes by any healthcare provider.

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MK-00002, rev V

Ceribell Clarity continuously monitors the EEG