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Jan 29th, 2021
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Neuromonitoring in Cardiac Arrest:
AHA 2020 Guidelines & Implementation

Stephan A. Mayer

Director of Neurocritical Care and
Emergency Neurology Services
Westchester Medical Center Health Network

The Challenge of Non-convulsive Seizures

Non-convulsive seizure is prevalent1-21
Time to treatment is critical30-38

Morbidity and Mortality increase
with prolonged NCSE

Response to first-line treatment
decreases over time

Guidelines recommend prompt EEG50

“EEG should be initiated
within 15-60 minutes of
suspected Status
Epilepticus in all patients.”

“EEG should be promptly
performed and interpreted
for the diagnosis of
seizures in all comatose
patients after ROSC.

From Suspicion to Decision in Minutes

Introducing Ceribell Rapid Response EEG, a system designed for set-up and triage of seizures within minutes by any healthcare provider.

MK-00002, rev P

Ceribell Clarity continuously monitors the EEG