AI-Powered Neurodiagnostic Platform for Bedside Diagnosis and Real-Time Monitoring

Ceribell Point-of-Care EEG enables early detection and management of suspected seizure patients, promoting precise patient care and hospital-wide efficiencies

Ceribell EEG System

The Ceribell EEG System is designed to provide:

• Rapid EEG set up within minutes with minimal training
• Continuous AI monitoring and alerts at the bedside for status epilepticus
• Remote access to real-time EEG information


Headbands are FDA-cleared for all ages.

electrographic status epilepticus

ClarityPro™ AI helps individuals with no background in EEG detect and rule-out suspected seizures with remarkable accuracy

Ceribell with ClarityPro offers 24/7 EEG monitoring and alerts for electrographic status epilepticus, also known as non-convulsive status epilepticus (NCSE).
  • First FDA-cleared instantaneous bedside alert indicating suspected status epilepticus
  • Continuous EEG monitoring and seizure burden display
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Real-time streaming of EEG data

Real-time streaming of EEG data to a secure cloud portal enables physicians to review EEG data from anywhere

Ceribell EEG Portal (HIPAA compliant)
  • Signal quality equivalent to conventional EEG
  • Accurate EEG labeling throughout the recording to improve EEG reading efficiency
  • First FDA-cleared seizure burden trend for effective seizure management
  • The seizure burden trend assists with assessing the effectiveness of medications
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