Ceribell Clarity

Revolutionary AI-enhanced monitoring for neurologic acute care patients

Ceribell powered by the ClarityPro™ AI algorithm interprets EEG in real-time, providing bedside alerts and continuous monitoring for status epilepticus

ClarityPro is a machine learning algorithm that interprets EEG signals and provides alerts when continuous seizures indicating status epilepticus are detected

The first FDA-cleared instantaneous bedside alert diagnosing electrographic status epilepticus
Continuous EEG monitoring and seizure burden display

Remotely, ClarityPro provides:

The first FDA-cleared seizure burden display with pre-annotations to support efficient EEG interpretation
Accurate EEG seizure burden labeling

How does ClarityPro Work?1

ClarityPro is a machine-learning, cloud-based AI algorithm that interprets the EEG every 10 seconds across all EEG channels to provide a seizure burden estimate.

Seizure burden is the amount of seizure activity detected in the prior 5-minute window. Prolonged seizures, such as status epilepticus, which is associated with poor neurological outcomes, display a high seizure burden.

Clarity AI is designed to provide clinically meaningful information.

  • Automatically detect suspected status epilepticus at the bedside
  • Diagnose electrographic status epilepticus with ClarityPro
  • Continuously monitor the EEG for ongoing seizure burden
  • Trained on thousands of EEG annotated by epileptologist experts and continuously improving
  • Clinically proven to detect or rule out status epilepticus at the case-level with performance equal or superior to the average neurologist

Practical Considerations

  • EEG offers one component of diagnostic insight. The decision to administer treatment, or not, should consider the combination of clinical history, patient presentation, and objective data.
  • Inter-rater variability of EEG diagnoses is well-documented among expert readers. Since ClarityPro AI is trained based on expert input, a degree of inter-rater variability between Clarity AI’s output and the interpretation of the same case by a skilled neurologist should be expected.
  • The capability and accuracy of the ClarityPro AI continues to improve with increased training on a growing volume of cases.
  • ClarityPro AI is designed as an acute care tool to measure the overall burden of seizures, rather than detailed labeling of each individual epileptiform event, since the cumulative impact of seizure activity has greater impact on acute patient management and prognosis.

Studies show that Clarity is highly accurate

ClarityPro is an AI-based software algorithm that analyzes EEG waveforms to diagnose Electrographic Status Epilepticus

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