Clinical Data and Supporting Evidence: Clarity™ Study

ClarityPro has been validated to consistently alert for suspected status epilepticus and rule out seizures

Understanding the Clarity AI Algorithm

Clarity is a machine learning algorithm within the Ceribell system that has been trained on thousands of hours of expert annotated critical care EEGs with the goal of alerting to or ruling out life-threatening continuous seizures also known as status epilepticus.

Study Design1

NEW DATA from a larger retrospective assessment of 666 adult patients who underwent evaluation of possible seizures with Point-of-Care EEG system

The study assessed the performance of Ceribell with Clarity to triage seizure activity in critical care and emergency department settings

Key Results1

Clarity for detection of status epilepticus

Clarity detected ≥ 90% seizure burden, thereby triggering an alert for impending status epilepticus, in 19 out of 20 cases (95% sensitivity)

Clarity for ruling out status epilepticus

Of the 450 EEG recordings in which Clarity detected no seizures, seizures were identified by the expert reviewers in only 4 cases.

Seizure Burden Yield2

  • 5% of EEGs resulted in a bedside alert (had a seizure burden ≥ 90%)
  • 27% of EEGs had seizure or epileptiform abnormalities that did not result in a bedside alert (seizure burden between 1%-90%)
  • 68% of EEGs were identified as normal or slow (0% seizure burden)

Inter-rater Variability2

  • All 4 neurologists have fellowship training in epilepsy
  • Human neurologists show variability in detection of status epilepticus
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References and Citations

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