California Comprehensive Compliance Program and Compliance Declaration


Ceribell, Inc. (“Ceribell”) is committed to establishing and maintaining a comprehensive and effective compliance program in accordance with California Health & Safety Code §§ 119400 – 119402, based on its good faith understanding of the statutory provisions as they may apply to a medical device manufacturer, the AdvaMed Code of Ethics on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals, and other relevant regulatory guidance.

Compliance Program Overview

Ceribell’s Compliance Program, applied in conjunction with its Healthcare Professional Engagement Policy (“HCP Engagement Policy”), is tailored to Ceribell’s size, organizational structure, available resources, and the nature of its business as a medical device manufacturer. The AdvaMed Code is a voluntary ethical code substantially similar to the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals (the “PhRMA Code”). The AdvaMed Code was developed with a primary focus on the unique interactions between medical device manufacturers and healthcare professionals, however, and is thus more uniquely suited to Ceribell’s compliance needs. The Compliance Program includes the following key components:

Written Standards
 Promotional Spending Limitation
Training and Education
Compliance Communications Internal Lines of Communication
Auditing and Monitoring
Investigating and Responding to Potential Violations
Corrective Action


Ceribell declares, in good faith and to the best of its knowledge, that as of January 2024, it is in substantial compliance with its Comprehensive Compliance Program, which incorporates the principles articulated in the California Health and Safety Codes §§ 119400 – 119402, the AdvaMed Code of Ethics, and other relevant regulatory guidance. The Compliance Program is a fluid and ever-changing program designed to meet the evolving regulatory and legislative climate. It will be assessed on an annual basis to ensure its continued effectiveness and alignment with industry best practices.

Contact Information

For a copy of Ceribell’s Comprehensive Compliance Program Policy, please contact us at:

Compliance Hotline: 855-387-4431