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NCSE Is A Medical Emergency – Dr. DaiWai Olson

Dr. DaiWai Olson discusses real-world cases and nurse contribution for Rapid EEG to diagnose and treat NCSE in critical care (recorded at Ceribell’s Symposium at NCS 2019) DaiWai Olson is…

ICU Nurse Demonstrates the Ceribell EEG System

Denis Prudencio shares real-world experiences: Impact of Ceribell Rapid Response EEG Denis Prudencio, DNP, is a nurse in California. He shares his experiences with the Ceribell EEG, and demonstrates how…

Ceribell System Setup Training

Ceribell System Setup Training The video demonstrates how to use set up the Ceribell headband and recorder, and how to use the portal….

Ceribell Portal Training

Ceribell Portal Training The video demonstrates how to use the cloud-based EEG portal, which is accessible anywhere with internet….

Bedside Maintenance Training

Ceribell Bedside Maintenance Training The training video shows the bedside clinicians how to do skin assessment, bedside annotation, and headband and recorder setup….