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Ceribell Health Economics Manuscript: Use of Ceribell EEG results in average savings of >$5k per patient

John Ney, Boston University; Kapil Gururangan, Stanford University Medical Center; Josef Parvizi, Stanford University Medical Center | Accepted 5 February 2021

Ceribell Rapid EEG alters the treatment course for patients with suspected seizures and will result in cost savings per patient.

  • Using PSA, Rapid-EEG saving was $5,633 per use case (95% PI: $($4,649 to $6,617)

  • Rapid EEG use led to reduction in the hospital LOS by 1.2 days (6.1 vs. 7.4 days) and ICU LOS by 0.4 days (1.5 vs. 1.9 day)

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