From Suspicion to Decision in Minutes

Ceribell ClarityTM continuously monitors the EEG

The Ceribell EEG System is designed for rapid setup and triage by any healthcare provider

Ceribell EEG Headband

Allows any healthcare provider to set up in 5 minutes, accommodating various hair types and head sizes

Ceribell EEG Recorder

Pocket size and battery operated EEG recorder with on-device real-time EEG display and streaming

Individuals with no prior background in EEG can detect and rule-out suspected seizures with remarkable accuracy

Ceribell with Clarity offers 24/7 bedside EEG monitoring and alerts.

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Ceribell seizure alert

Clarity for continuous seizure monitoring

  • First FDA-cleared instantaneous bedside alert indicating suspected status epilepticus
  • Continuous EEG monitoring and seizure burden display*
Ceribell brain stethoscope

Spot-checks with Brain Stethoscope®

Translates brain activity into sound so clinicians can triage immediately after setup

Real-time streaming of EEG data to a secure cloud portal enables physicians to review EEG data from anywhere

Ceribell EEG Portal (HIPAA compliant)

  • Signal quality equivalent to conventional EEG
  • Accurate EEG labeling throughout the recording to improve EEG reading efficiency
  • First FDA-cleared seizure burden trend for effective seizure management
  • The seizure burden trend assists with assessing the effectiveness of medications

Ceribell EEG for Risk Stratification Interactive Video

Click on the video to use the trinary triage method on the following EEG studies.

*Seizure burden is defined by the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society (ACNS) as the percentage of time that EEG shows seizure activity.
American Clinical Neurophysiology Society’s Standardized Critical Care EEG Terminology: 2012 version. Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology, Volume 30, Number 1, February 2013

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Caution: Federal (US) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. The Ceribell EEG Headband and the Ceribell EEG Recorder are intended to be used by trained healthcare providers in a professional healthcare facility environment. The Ceribell EEG Recorder does not provide any diagnostic conclusion about the subject’s condition and does not provide any automated alerts of an adverse clinical event. Indications, contraindications, warnings and instructions for use can be found in the product labeling supplied with each device.

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