Company History

The inspiration for rapid EEG started in 2008 when Dr. Josef Parvizi was enjoying a performance by Kronos Quartet, whose melody was based on radio signals from the Sun Ring. Dr. Parvizi, a neurologist at Stanford, reached out to Chris Chafe, a professor of music research and expert in “musification”, for help to convert brain activity into sound. Though it started as an artistic pursuit, the two soon realized that the sonification of brain signals could be a powerful tool for brain monitoring. Learn more on the Stanford News.

In 2014, with the help of co-founder Jane Chao, the three (3) founded Brain Stethoscope, Inc., which later became Ceribell, Inc. With a robust R&D team, Ceribell designed and developed an instant EEG system, which was FDA cleared in 2017. Two (2) years later, Ceribell received the first-ever FDA clearance for an automatic seizure burden detection algorithm. Led by a visionary executive team, the Ceribell Rapid Response EEG system is the first critical care EEG and quickly becoming an important vital sign for the brain.

Ceribell History
  • 2008
    capture seizure by turning brainwaves into sound

    • The idea to identify seizures by turning brainwaves into sound was inspired

  • 2009-2014

    • The co-founders worked on the early Brain Stethoscope prototypes
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  • 2014-2015
    Ceribell logo

    • 2014: Brain Stethoscope, Inc. was founded
    • 2015: The company became Ceribell, Inc.

  • 2015

    • Aug: The Recorder research & development began

  • 2016
    Ceribell Headband Prototype

    • Jun: The first Recorder prototype was completed
    • Aug: The Headband research & development began

  • 2017
    Ceribell FDA submission

    • Jan: The first clinical trial initiated
    • May: The Recorder received FDA clearance
    • Aug: The Headband received FDA clearance
    • Aug: Manufacture began
    • Nov: The automatic seizure burden assessment development began

  • 2018
    Ceribell Rapid EEG System

    • Mar: The first commercial programs launched
    • Apr: The first Purchase Order was received
    • Jun: The first commercial Ceribell EEG was used
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  • 2019

    • Jul: The first prospective multi-center study - DECIDE - was completed
    • Nov: The seizure burden assessment algorithm received FDA clearance
    • Dec: Clarity seizure burden assessment launched
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  • 2020

    • Jan: The first Clarity Purchase Order was received
    • Mar-Dec: Ceribell helped hundreds of hospitals improve EEG capacity during COVID-19

    Ceribell COVID-19 Resources