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Circumferential Montage Manuscript: Diagnostic Utility of 8-channel EEG For Detecting Generalized Seizure

Kapil Gururangan, Stanford University Medical Center;Babak Ravazi, Stanford University Medical Center; Josef Parvizi, Stanford University Medical Center | Accepted 14 March 2018

The Ceribell circumferential montage EEG can be used in emergency situations to detect gross abnormalities

  • Full and reduced EEG demonstrated similar accuracy when read by neurologists (fm-EEG: 95%, rm-EEG: 95%, p = 0.29)
  • Resident physicians judged with similar accuracy (fm-EEG: 80%, rm-EEG: 80%, p = 0.05),
  • Medical student accuracy was comparable (fm-EEG: 60%, rm-EEG: 57%, p = 0.68)
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