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Ceribell Signal Quality Manuscript: Signals Recorded With Rapid Response EEG And Conventional EEG Systems

Baharan Kamousi, Ceribell; Alexander Grant, Ceribell; Brad Bachelder, Ceribell; et al | Accepted 14 March 2019

Ceribell electrode signal quality was equivalent to conventional EEG

  • The tested rapid response EEG system provides EEG data that is equivalent in quality to the recordings made using conventional EEG systems despite the fact that the rapid response system can be applied within a few minutes and with no reliance on specialized technologists
  • Simultaneous recordings taken with the rapid response EEG and two conventional EEG systems were found to match for the entire duration of the recording
  • Consecutive recordings performed in real life clinical ICU environment, Hjorth parameters, spike count, baseline wander, and kurtosis measures were statistically similar
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