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Ceribell is focused on making electroencephalography (EEG) widely accessible, more efficient, and more cost-effective to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients at risk for seizures. We’ve created and validated an FDA cleared instant EEG system that does not require an EEG technologist or specialist interpreter, which allows for faster results and clinical decision making. The Ceribell EEG System can be set up by any healthcare provider in 6 minutes and offers a proprietary Brain Stethoscope function that dramatically simplifies interpretation of EEG results by converting brainwaves to sound so seizures can be detected by listening. Earlier diagnosis and focused treatment for patients with seizures, including non-convulsive seizures that can only be diagnosed with EEG, can significantly lower mortality, secondary brain injury, length of stay, and risk of complications. For more information contact EEG@Ceribell.com

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Ceribell is always on the look-out for top talent to join our team. To inquire, please drop us an email at job@ceribell.com