See the supporting evidence behind Ceribell Rapid Response EEG

For hospitals that want to have immediate access to EEG, Ceribell represents an important product and workflow innovation. Ceribell EEG system has been shown to generate high quality EEG data and enable highly sensitive detection of seizures in a product that is easy to set up and use.

*The DECIDE prospective, multi-center study is currently under embargo until publication and will be updated here when embargo is lifted.

Ceribell was tested side-by-side with a traditional EEG system with a simultaneous recording on the same patient. The two EEG results were compared and showed equivalent signal quality and durability (see overlaid signal below). 44

Additional studies indicated that Ceribell's simplified 10-electrode headband offers equivalent accuracy for diagnosing generalized seizures44-49,51, and can provide high-quality data recordings for up to 10 hours52.


In a study comparing the sensitivity and specificity of seizure detection, 69 nurses and medical students used the Brain Stethoscope function to evaluate EEG for seizure activity while 14 neurologists used the visual readout to evaluate the same EEGs. Nurses and medical students generated a higher sensitivity of results when detecting seizures just by the sound of it.45


Study participants reviewed data set from 84 patients for seizure activity.45

Ceribell Rapid Response EEG was tested in ICU at a major medical center. ICU patients presenting with altered mental status were enrolled and ICU physicians in training used the Ceribell EEG System for bedside triage.

The average setup time was 6 minutes.49 The Brain Stethoscope function was used to rule-in or rule-out seizure — changing treatment decision compared to no EEG results in 40% of cases.49

The Ceribell Rapid Response EEG was tested in a prospective clinical study of 10 ICU nurses with no EEG experience. Each watched a 6 minute training video, and asked questions for 2 minutes before setting up Ceribell.

Average set-up time was 6.5 minutes 48 for all first-time

Average user experience rating: 9.8 out of 10.48

Protocol: 20 neurologists reviewed EEG samples in both full montage EEG (bipolar montage) and 8 channel EEG (lateral leads of bipolar montage) and decided if the sample contained seizures or seizure like conditions or were void of these abnormalities. We then defined gold standard the unanimous agreement of 3 senior epileptologists who reviewed the same EEGs